Spiritual Treatment can meet your needs for your Troubled Teens, Adults, and Family.
Elijah Generation™ is not a Residential Treatment Center. However, if this is what you are looking for, Spiritual Treatment™ has Residential Services to offer.  Please Contact Us and we will be happy to refer you to Spiritual Treatment™, a partner with our ministry, or click on the link provided.
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Spiritual Treatment™ offers one of the most intensive and complete programs for the healing development of Christian families with troubled loved ones.
Spiritual Treatment™ offers families a therapeutic spiritual treatment plan. Rather than subjecting our students to the limitations of behavior management models which primarily have an affect on the outward man, the focus is on spiritual renewal resulting in inner-transformation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Behavior modification models are limited in that they mostly affect learned behavior patterns.

We have developed a better system; an inner-transformation model which treats the core issues of the heart and mind.

Behavior modification involves changing visible behavior patterns of an individual.

This may be accomplished through positive techniques such as:

a) point systems
b) phase levels, and
c) rewards and consequences.

Other treatment methods utilize negative techniques such as:

a) intimidation
b) psychotropic medication
c) mechanical restraints, and
d) lockdown facilities

We do, however, incorporate some effective and positive behavioral modification techniques which confronts patterns of immaturity, negative learned behaviors, faulty thinking and poor problem solving skills. But we go deeper and deal with the core issues through our successful Five Point Treatment Plan. This spiritual treatment plan primarily focuses on inner transformation.
The character, emotional and spiritual health of a person can be easily tested and exposed through a) increased pressure, b) life’s circumstances and c) developing relationships. Therefore, it stands to reason that the condition of the “inner man” can be easily diagnosed and tested. This makes it possible to foster growth and change.

We address specific areas of life. The following components make up our Spiritual Treatment Plan:

(My Mind, Will and Emotions)

(My Relationships with Others)

(My Relationship with Myself)

(My Relationship with God)

(Christian Twelve - Step Program)
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Techniques that achieve behavior modification may be relieving at best and appeasing at worst, but keep in mind that it's only a temporary “band-aid” solution. Good behavior can be imitated and used to manipulate programs and people. Yet all it takes is for a trigger to go off and the modified person will relapse. Just as a rusty car can be painted over for appearance sake, so can a hurting person behave and smile outwardly. Yet, it’s only a matter of time before the rust seeps through the paint and the pain breaks through the smile.