“Many are called, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14. Within each of us lies a gift and calling that God has placed on our lives. Some people don't even realize it.

Elijah Generation is a ministry training school and bible college that focuses on preparing you to fulfill your destiny as a Christian leader. The training involves classes, outreaches, mentoring and discipleship sessions, and ministry/missions trips. Students also have the opportunity to focus on ministry training in specialized areas such as healing and deliverance, worship, prophetic ministry, media, youth ministry, drama and others.

Imagine the possibilities if YOU took the opportunity to devote 9-months of your life to completely focusing on knowing God. It would transform you, and your whole concept of ministry….forever. This is the heart of Elijah Generation.

The 411
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Elijah Generation International™ Does Your Teen Want To Follow the Masters Commission, "To Go Into All The World"?  Contact us for Christian Education, Alternative Boarding Schools, Therapeutic Spiritual Treatment, Spiritual Boot Camp, School Of Ministry, and School Of Leadership.  Also, Call today to get Help for Troubled Teens Diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, School Problems, Suicidal Tendencies, Depression, Bi-polar Disorder, Rebellion or Substance Abuse. Copyright ©  2005 – 2007