When I was 15, I made the most important decision in my life.  I choose Spiritual Bootcamp over pursuing my career in soccer.  I had realized I wanted more than the average Christian who is content with church, and their walk with Christ.  I am like Moses, Enoch, and John the Beloved desired to see the face of God, and know Him intimately. 

For 3 weeks we ministered in churches, served the homeless, and reached the lost.  By the end of bootcamp, I had a Damascus road encounter with God, just like Paul. God changed the way I walked and talked.  I will never forget the opportunity given to me that summer to see the face of God.

Karla, 23
Scottsdale, AZ

I grew up in a little Baptist church in Georgia, and all my life I knew about God.  When I was just 16 I went to Scottsdale, AZ for a three week spiritual boot camp sponsored by Elijah Generation. There I had an encounter with God like never before.  It was during that time I realized that I was called to full time ministry. 

I decided to enter into the 9 month Leadership School. While in E.G.I learned practical lessons in leadership, and the inner workings of ministry.  I was also taught on lessons about communication, and life that can never be replaced.  More importantly, I learned what it was like to have my own personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  It was definitely a life changing experience.

Ashley, 23
Habersham, GA

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