Elijah Generation is power packed full of Jesus, Jesus, and more Jesus. Elijah Generation is one of the most intense discipleship training schools there is. EGI is a live-in discipleship program, and bible college for radical young people who hunger and thirst for revival, and transformation of their communities, cities, and nation. God has incredible things in store for you in this life changing year. The life of a student will be one that is slammed full of growth in many areas. While earning a degree, the main focus of the program is discipleship. Each student will participate in most every form of ministry that is offered, and will travel the community, county, country, and world. The main area of interest will be more of an" inner work". Character, integrity, leadership training, and the fruits of the Spirit are the foundations that are laid on a daily basis. EGI is a training ground for the ministers of tomorrow whether in the marketplace, public square, or the church.  We believe Godly character will keep you wherever God will call you.  Make no mistake about it - character, integrity, leadership training, and being submerged into Christ-likeness is the #1 mission in Elijah Generation.

School of Ministry
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Our Goal

The goal of EGI is to equip and train students in practical ministry, and activate their leadership potential.  As well as to call forth young people to effect change in their generation through a Jesus Revolution.
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