Planning for school funding can seem like an education in itself. We can help! Please contact us to ask a question or structure a loan package to meet your needs.  We are pleased to offer you a unique education loan program experience specially created for parents or other involved adults (family friends, guardians, relatives) of elementary and secondary students with financial needs.


Our funding sources facilitate quick, affordable solutions to your financial concerns and an awareness of all that goes into placing a child into a Special Needs Program. The loan specialists that we work with provide experience and excellence in structuring loan packages to meet your needs. Step by step they will see you through the entire process making special needs education an affordable and viable option for your family.

The strength of the lenders we work with rest with the strategic relationships they have developed in the financial educational loan industry.  These relationships benefit you, the client, as you are assisted in achieving your Educational Funding goals.  We work with a multiple of lending institutions so that we are able to provide you a variety of educational funding options to fulfill your needs.


o         Top-quality customer service

o         Convenient and fast application process

o         Loan pre-approval within 24 hours

o         Coverage for all related educational expenses

o         Comprehensive analysis and coordination of all fees and necessary services


LOAN AMOUNT (may include):

o         Tuition

o         All related educational expenses

o         Escort Services and travel expenses


o         Rates are tied to Libor + 3.50 to 3.85 or Prime + 1.0 to 9.0

o         All Rates are Variable (change quarterly or annually)

o         Current interest rate is 7.53% to 7.77%

o         May be tax deductible (Consult your tax advisor)


o         Amortized over 15 to 20 year period

o         No cancellation fee

o         Loan origination fee of 2% to 5%


o         Affordable monthly payments

o         Defer payments for up to 7 months

o         No pre-payment penalty fee


o         Loan approval within 24 hours


The borrower (or the co-borrower/cosigner, if any) must:

o         Have satisfactory credit, employment and residence history of at least two years

o         Have proof of current income

o         When self-employed, have been in business at least two years

o         Be a U.S. citizen/permanent resident who has resided in the U.S. for two years          

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