Donations to Elijah Generation International are very welcome! One major area to donate is that there are many students who want to attend our Elijah Generation or Spiritual Bootcamp, but are in need of finances to do so.  There are many other areas where you can be a huge blessing and share in the ministry by your generous gifts.  Please Contact Us for information on donations and gifts.

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Elijah Generation International™ Does Your Teen Want To Follow the Masters Commission, "To Go Into All The World"?  Contact us for Christian Education, Alternative Boarding Schools, Therapeutic Spiritual Treatment, Spiritual Boot Camp, School Of Ministry, and School Of Leadership.  Also, Call today to get Help for Troubled Teens Diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, School Problems, Suicidal Tendencies, Depression, Bi-polar Disorder, Rebellion or Substance Abuse. Copyright ©  2005 – 2007