Spiritual Bootcamp

Spiritual Bootcamp is a three-week intense discipleship program that takes place during the summer.  This program is for students who desire to be trained to follow hard after God, seek the Master’s touch, pursue Him intimately, and proclaim Him powerfully.  Spiritual Boot Camp gives students hands on experience with ministry that will equip them with powerful tools.  The greatest example Christ gave was that he loved and served others above Himself.  Spiritual Boot Camp provides an atmosphere that will transform a student's life with a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that God would hand pick, and set apart a team of enthusiastic individuals willing to be used by God.

Deposit:  ($150.00) This is a non-refundable deposit fee due upon registration.

Cost: $1,500.00

Spiritual Bootcamp Schedule

Three-week Intensive - July  - August, 2008

Spiritual Preparedness

We are looking for students who have a serious pursuit for God and a heart that hungers for intimacy with Jesus.  Every student must submit a letter of recommendation from their parents and pastor. The letters must state why the student would benefit from this ministry, and how the student can be a blessing to this ministry. 

Letter from Student

Submit your photograph and a letter stating:  

Why you would like to attend SBC?
What do you expect to get out of SBC?
How can you be a blessing to this ministry?
A list of ministry gifts, talents and skills.
Phone Number
Ring Size
T-shirt Size

To Register

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