Welcome to Elijah Generation International, a bible school of ministry, where we are actively discipling and training leaders and youth for Christ to change the world through Jesus. Elijah Generation not only offers ministry training but other avenues such as teen missions trips, and Spiritual Boot Camp, a life-changing Christian boot camp. Elijah Generation involves a team of youth with a mission to impact this generation, as there are many teen problems in our society. These youth are given the opportunity to minister through Christian counseling to the troubled teens of America, and ultimately trained to carry out the Master's commission.

Our strategy for revival and transformation is through a spiritual revolution marked by dramatic change, radical service and unquenched passion.  The catalyst used to mobilize young disciples is being realized through various programs and events such as:

Spiritual Bootcamp
(3 intense summer weeks)
for those who hunger and are desperate for God

School of Ministry
(9 unforgettable months)
for spiritual revolutionaries committed to a life of consecration
Elijah Generation International™ Does Your Teen Want To Follow the Masters Commission, "To Go Into All The World"?  Contact us for Christian Education, a Missions Trip, Alternative Boarding Schools, Therapeutic Spiritual Treatment, Spiritual Boot Camp, School Of Ministry, and School Of Leadership.  Also, Call today to get Help for Troubled Teens Diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, School Problems, Suicidal Tendencies, Depression, Bi-polar Disorder, Rebellion or Substance Abuse. Copyright ©  2005 – 2009 

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Are you ready to follow Our Masters Commission?  Call us today to enroll in our school of ministry and leadership training.